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What decision makers need to know about Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most important buzzwords in the tech scene and the financial world today. But few entrepreneurs know what exactly this new technology is all about and why some business experts are treating it as the crucial key to a whole new age. This eBook will give you an insight into the most important things associated with this concept.

The word blockchain comes from English and can be translated as “blockchain”. This term alludes to the construction principle of a database that is used in the case of Blockchain. With all the many different uses of blockchain, this is also always exactly the common basis: a certain database technology. In this case, the supplier of a good, financial sum or service and its recipient or consumer are directly linked to each other within the scope of the transaction. In addition to the possibility of financial transactions, blockchain also allows digital contracts to be concluded. These are two of the most important fields of application with which Blockchain is currently attracting a lot of attention. When a corresponding transaction takes place, an entry is made in a kind of digital register. As in the case of a classic cash book, the corresponding sums or items of the exchange are noted and recorded here.

If further transactions are made, these can be entered continuously. However, unlike a cash book or an accounting system in a single system, these entries are stored on many different computers. The corresponding entries take place in encrypted form. New entries can only be made if all sides confirm the respective change. Encryption ensures that only when the previous chains are correctly merged does the entire chain of numbers make sense. Only then can changes be made, which in turn are saved on all computers. Thus, it is precisely the distribution over different systems and the number chains encrypted with the help of computer code that prevents manipulation. This technology offers a special innovation potential especially in the digital age.

You can imagine the entire chain as a transparent kind of database. In this database, which can take the form of a bank statement, all changes made during a transaction are stored – even if they are minimal. The members of the relevant network can then view the corresponding transactions. All transaction partners thus have maximum transparency at all times. In the context of a large network, this information is stored at various locations and can be verified at any time. Unlike in the case of a financial statement, whose authenticity is guaranteed by a central body – such as a bank – here the transparent database grants participants the authenticity of the data at hand. Precisely because it can be compared again and again with information stored in other places, there is security against forgery.

The central authority, as previously assumed by a bank, is not even necessary for this. At the system level, this can save time and money. And the security factor is even higher. After all, a manipulator would have to be able to decrypt and change all systems simultaneously – an undertaking that seems virtually impossible at the practical level. But it is not only financial transactions that are possible with the help of blockchain. It can also be used to efficiently process contracts for services in the digital age. Here you can learn how the new technology works and what you can use it for economically.

BONUS: With this course you will receive the accompanying eBook for free! What does it offer you?

The enormous potential of Blockchain is currently being recognized by both business and financial experts worldwide. The diverse fields of action of this type of database technology are currently still developing. It is therefore all the more important that you obtain as holistic an overview of Blockchain as possible. The better you inform yourself today, the more specifically you can assess what can be done with Blockchain tomorrow. This eBook will help you do just that. It provides you with a comprehensive insight into the most diverse fields of action and strengthens your analytical assessment skills in this important field. Even if you have not yet dealt with Blockchain, the text offers you a good introduction.

Complicated technical terms have been avoided in favor of an easy-to-understand read. Where they do appear, they are explained with clear examples. Occasionally, reference is also made to complex contexts of Digital Disruption or the Digital Age, which are explained in other eBooks in this series. In this case, you will find a reference to the corresponding eBook at the respective point. If you should have information need, you can satisfy this then with it.

The eBook is divided into different sections. These follow each other systematically. You should therefore read the individual chapters in order. However, if you already have extensive knowledge in a particular area, you can skip this section and continue with the next one. The first major section provides you with a basic chapter. It serves as an introduction to the principle behind blockchain. You should study this section carefully. The application examples will later build on the procedure described to you at this point. The second major section is dedicated to digitalization as a prerequisite for the resounding success of Blockchain technology. Here, you will learn about the accelerated data exchange of our time as well as the topics of data security and multiplication of information. In fact, these two principles are mutually dependent. In the case of Blockchain, it is not the locking of information, but precisely the transparent multiplication that ensures a high level of data security.

It is also, and precisely, in this way that Blockchain has led to a paradigm shift in the way we deal with data. This paradigm shift is currently leading to profound changes that not only affect the financial world. Blockchain is also taking the holistic processing of services, where a wide variety of information is of importance, to a whole new level. You should not miss the opportunity to do so as an entrepreneur. Get informed now and you will soon have important advantages over competing companies in your hand.

The third major section of the eBook is dedicated to the specific application areas that arise from blockchain technology. Here you will learn about secure financial transactions on both a small and large scale, as well as be introduced to the use of blockchain technology in the context of so-called ‘smart contracts’. Especially if you are a company offering services that can also be booked with the help of technical applications or apps, this technology can make your business much easier and help to increase sales. The management of contracts and insurance as well as the use of blockchain in the music industry will also be discussed as further examples.

The fourth section will look at how information is changing in the age of Blockchain. Both the decentralized infrastructure and the new work opportunities that result from it will be explained. But also the question of data security will be explained in this context. The fifth section of the eBook will then draw your attention to those competencies that you should acquire in times of Blockchain. It thus offers useful information for your work in the field of human resources and for modern personnel planning. With its help, you will be able to select the personnel that will optimally support you in yours, on the one hand, and use the appropriate technical resources for automated processing of some work steps, on the other. As part of a well-coordinated alliance between people and machines, you are thus optimally positioned to meet the challenges of the digital age.

At the end of the book, you will find a number of literature references. With the help of these texts, you can delve further into the topic of blockchain. For this purpose, the bibliography offers you introductory works of a general nature as well as specialized publications dedicated to very specific issues.

Table of Contents:

  • Blockchain sounds complicated – yet works quite simply
  • An old principle gets a makeover
  • Innovation potentials of the blockchain principle
  • The age of digitalization as the basis for new financial networking
  • Worldwide digital data exchange in real time
  • Multiplication of information as a security factor
  • Application areas and economic use fields of the new technology
  • Smart contracts
  • Food supply chains
  • Design of financial infrastructures
  • Small-scale micro payments
  • Managing insurance
  • How blockchain is changing information
  • Centralized technical infrastructure as a basis
  • Flexible work opportunities around the world
  • These are the skills you should be assembling in your organization now
  • How to reposition your computing and IT skills
  • This financial expertise is what you need in the Digital Age
  • This is how you should optimize automation processes
  • Conclusion
  • Literature and source references

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About Sanjay Sauldie:

Sanjay Sauldie, born in India, raised in Germany, studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cologne and did his Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) at the University of Salford (Manchester, UK) on Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation (2017) and was trained at EMERITUS (Singapore) in the MIT method of Design Thinking (2018). He is director of the European Internet Marketing Institute EIMIA. He was awarded the Internet Oscar “Golden Web Award” and twice the “Innovation Award of the Initiative Mittelstand” by the International World Association of Webmasters in Los Angeles / USA and is one of the most sought-after European experts for the digitization in companies and society. In his lectures and seminars, he ignites a firework of impulses from practice for practice. He succeeds in making the complex world of Digitalisation understandable for everyone in simple words. Sanjay Sauldie fascinates his audience with his visual language and encourages them to immediately put the valuable tips into practice.


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After successful completion of the payment, you will receive immediately by email the online training participation link with a password as well as an invoice.



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