Metrics to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Advertising

“Facebook’s daily active users were 1.28 billion on average for March 2017, up 18 percent year over year,” according to the 2017 Q1 earnings report.

With such a big user base, most marketers can’t afford to ignore Facebook. It has become fashionable to use social media to spread the word about a company’s services and products.

It’s difficult to assess the efficacy of your efforts and posts. However, you must determine whether your company’s efforts have been successful, as well as receive feedback on what tweaks and revisions are required.

On Facebook, there is a massive amount of information available. It’s nearly impossible to know what to look for, let alone whether or not you’re doing a good job. To avoid the clutter and receive the data you need, focus on the top four metrics listed below.

The Basics of Likes

This is the amount of people who have liked your company page on Facebook and have accepted to receive notifications and updates from it in their news feed.

Even though there are more precise ways to track interest on the Facebook page, it’s a basic metric to show that the page’s audience is growing.

Biological reach

The term “reach” refers to a larger group of people than “volume.” Organic reach is another metric to keep in mind for your Facebook page. This does not include reach that has been paid for. It’s what gets your page in front of those who aren’t already fans. It can be defined as follows:

“The total amount of individuals that might see your content. The total story can be defined by both reach and volume.”

Organic reach not only counts the amount of direct unique “hits” on your content, but also how many people are aware of you thanks to shares, responses, and clicks.


It counts the number of people who interact with a post in some way. This is a compromise between volume and reach. Likes, shares, comments, image clicks, video views, and link clicks are all included.

One of the most crucial measures for determining a post’s success is engagement.

This option is easily found in Insights under “Engaged Users.” It is a measurable measure of interest, but to get accurate findings, you must review the raw numbers.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

CTR, or click through rate, is one of the most well-known and often utilized metrics. Click-through rates on Facebook tell you how many people have clicked on a link in your post, watched your video, or looked at a larger version of your photo.

The bottom of your content quality funnel is the click-through metric. Page Insight interface >> active user is where you’ll find it.

“Link Clicks” will be the name of the content if it is a link. It will be labeled “Video Plays” if it is a video. It will say “Photo Views” if it is a photo.


It’s not difficult to determine the success of your Facebook posts. You must, however, comprehend what these indicators imply and how to track them. Knowing what they mean and where to look for them might help you improve your Facebook marketing tactics.

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