Five Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

For small and new enterprises, Facebook has shown to be indispensable. On average, consumers spend 20 minutes on Facebook each time they visit. If you have a Facebook page, now is the time to implement the Facebook Marketing Tips listed below.

1. Establish a clear objective and strategy:

Before you start marketing on Facebook, make sure you have a clear goal in mind and a plan in place to achieve it. This technique can entail writing a post every morning that highlights the day’s exceptional. If you own a fast food restaurant, for example, you might post a daily photo of a customer who is the ‘Burger King or Queen’ for the day. Other users can be encouraged to share pictures of themselves devouring a burger.

2. Post on a regular basis:

Posting on a frequent basis is another Facebook marketing tip. It’s been said that “out of sight, out of memory” applies to social media. Your company should be visible on social media, and one method to accomplish so is to publish on a frequent basis. You can also participate in the community by leaving comments on others’ postings. Although it is recommended that you write on a frequent basis, it is far preferable if you only post when you have something interesting to say.

3. Encourage feedback and respond quickly:

Encourage other Facebook users to respond to your postings and leave their own evaluations or comments on your company page. Make careful to answer as soon as possible when they publish something. If you don’t answer, your Facebook presence will suffer, and your Facebook friend’s willingness to communicate with you will be weakened.

4. Use photos and videos:

Using product photographs and videos on your Facebook business page will keep your friends interested in your company and entertained. If you own a clothes store, for example, you can broadcast photographs and videos of new merchandise as it comes.

According to recent study, the most common incentive for a customer to follow a business’s Facebook page is for special discounts and prizes. To liven up your business page, it’s a good idea to get engaged with offers, contests, games, and surveys.

5. Take advantage of Facebook Insights:

Because Facebook insights can provide you with a complete report on the people who choose to like your page, it can help you understand more about your customers. With this knowledge, you can learn more about the characteristics of your Facebook friends, making it easier for you to tailor your posts and offers to match their wants and expectations.

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Sanjay Sauldie, born in India, grew up in Germany, studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Cologne and did his Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) at the University of Salford (Manchester, UK) on digital disruption and digital transformation (2017 ) and was trained at EMERITUS (Singapore) in the MIT method of design thinking (2018). He is the director of the European Internet Marketing Institute EIMIA. He was awarded the Internet Oscar "Golden Web Award" by the international world association of webmasters in Los Angeles / USA and twice the "Innovation Award of the Initiative Mittelstand" and is one of the most sought-after European experts for digitization in companies and society.

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