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Sanjay Sauldie, CEO

A perfect place to start your business, to discover experts and learn from them and – of course – grow your own business, extend your network with the right people far away from the overcrowded mass platforms – we are simple and fair – and expect this from our participants, too! Here people with a great attitude and respect meet together – and are also banned, if they misbehave! So here you can really feel save and secure!

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Join our metaverse and profit now: Associations and Companies use our platform as…

…a learning portal to increase the digital IQ of their members and staff

As partner of our World of Training, you can offer all our courses on Digitalization for a flat fee to all your staff or members, to facilitate the digital changes in your company and industry and increase the understanding and need for Digital Know-How to embrace the future, of course including the degree from the renowned European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy for each completed course.
close up on businessman hand shaking with robotic AI hologram to

…a presentation platform to showcase new services and products, test their impact with open innovation and increase user engagement with your brand

As a Gold Member, you can invite your customers to experience your services and products in an exclusive way. The most interesting part is that through our different metaverse worlds, you will be also getting visitors from other industries to enhance your visibility! In addition, you and all your customers will get free access to our learning world (as mentioned in the Silver membership)

…a platform to create virtual value for different industries

As a Platinum member create your own simple and fair ‘metaverse’-like world here and own one of the exclusive platforms for an entire industry and earn money with it.

What is a ‘Metaverse’?

“The physical and virtual worlds are increasingly converging – the metaverse is taking shape. A digital layer, detached from physical laws, is extending our perception of reality and enabling countless new use scenarios that will transform our daily activities and our entire society in the future.”

Sanjay Sauldie, creator of simplefair

Hello, dear visitors,

Nice that you are interested in us. 

There are some rules that all participants must follow:

  1. Insults have no place in the discussions. If you disagree with an article or comment, criticize its content and do not attack the author.
  2. Discrimination and defamation of other users and social groups based on their religion, origin, nationality, disability, income level, sexual orientation, age or gender are expressly not permitted.
  3. Slander as well as business- and reputation-damaging statements may not be disseminated.
  4. Non-verifiable insinuations and suspicions that are not supported by credible arguments or sources, we remove. Please strive to make comprehensible statements.
  5. Advertising and other commercial content have no place in discussions. Also refrain from referring to your blog or website in each of your comments. This is what your user profile is for.
  6. Personal and personal data of others must not be published by you.
  7. The rights to distribute the content you publish must be yours. If you reproduce other people’s content, make sure that it has been approved for distribution. Poems are also usually protected by copyright. Therefore, never publish more than short excerpts.
  8. Quotes must be clearly marked as such and should be used as sparingly as possible. Always acknowledge the source of your quotation. Also, always use quotations as a supplement to your own statements, rather than giving them a major part of your contribution.
  9. Links may be used in comments with pleasure, for example to refer to further information on a topic. simplefair is not responsible for the linked content and does not check it systematically. However, we reserve the right to remove links if the linked content violates the rules listed here.

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